Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mini Mod #8: Falling for Fall

Don't you love fall fashion? Sadly, here in Texas it doesn't really feel like fall yet. It looks like it because of the drought, everything is brown, but it still feels pretty warm. So I'm not quite busting out the boots and leggings on a daily basis yet, but I'm enjoying the fall prints for my little mini me.

If you haven't played before, Mini Mod is a weekly linky where you link up to a post where you show off your kiddos and what they're styling in. If you remember, tell us where you got their cute clothes or accessories so we know where we can find it.

I did make her another dress this week but she hasn't worn it yet since all month she's wearing Halloween-themed clothes to school. Next month she'll be decked out in fall attire. I did just get another sewing pattern for a bubble dress thanks to a sweet reader, and I can't wait to use it to make Lil' J another dress. I'll probably show them off in an upcoming Mini Mod post. ... Yes, now I have a fall sense of security in my sewing skills since I've managed to make two dresses without the use of glue or iron stitch.
Dress: Adelaide's Boutique; Bow: Oh Sweet Baby Boutique
A few of you asked me if I'd make one for you and I'm telling you... You can do this! Just get some help from a friend to get going and you'll pick it up. Plus, you don't want one that I've made because up close you'll see all of my imperfections.

As you saw a couple of weeks ago, and in many of my 365s, we love Adelaide's Boutique. I think we have about five dresses of hers now. The owner is really sweet and one of the main reasons I decided to start giving sewing a try myself (and to save my pocket book).
Apple Orchard Dress: $39 Adelaide's Boutique
Frayed Flower Bow: $8 Oh Sweet Baby Boutique

I loved looking at all of your Mini  Mod links, even though it took me all week. I'm going to try to visit right away this week. I had to share this adorable photo this week from Just Keep Swimming. Her little girl has the cutest hat (she always has cute hats!) from Lottie Da. Be sure to stop by and tell her and her little Mini Mod hi! Then link up to yours below so we can all go visit and blog hop.
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