Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Nickname to Remember

Decorating my daughter's nursery was no freaking joke. To some it may look like a pink dragon threw up all over the room but to me it's awesome! I've never completely decorated a room like I have her nursery. From finding cheap bedroom furniture to making curtains, I did it all on a budget. And there's so much to look at, I can tell she LOVES her room. She really does. She laughs at the mobile I made her, and smiles at her name on he wall above the diaper changer.

I also have a special spot for my favorite nickname. We started with Spawnie. That was her first nickname. Then came Ladybug, Junebug (born in July). Little , Lil' J and here at home I call her a slew of other things.

My husband likes to call her poopy. I sometimes call her Baybee, Little J, Chunky Cheeks, and Cranky Butt. But somehow the nickname I call her more than anything is a name I didn't see myself using for my daughter--fearing it would cause her to be some sort of Diva. Oh, she is a Diva already. Anyway, I call her my Pretty Pretty Princess.
blessing dress
I was inspired by a saying for little girls: "Princess: Daughter of a Heavenly King". What better way to remind her of who she is and where she came from?

My friend Danielle sent us the book "Gigi: God's Little Princess." It was the first book I read to her outside the womb and I want to read it to her often.

I decided I wanted something to remind her of her divine nature so I asked Inspire Your Walls for a favor. I needed my princess quote in a size perfect for above her entryway, and the one blank space left on her wall. I wanted a crown to dot the "i" in Princess, and I wanted it all in a pretty white font. They did it all, fast!
princess wall vinyl
If you're obsessed with vinyl like I am, check out Inspire Your Walls.
princess wall
When I got it in the mail I was head over heals excited. I didn't want to just put it on the wall since we won't be living here forever and this was something I want to take with us. So I bought and painted a wood panel, and stuck the vinyl on after.

Now, over her doorway hangs a saying I hope she'll look at and reflect on for years every time she leaves her room. The true meaning of her nickname, and who she really is.

Do you use a nickname?

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