Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 14

It's getting harder and harder to be happy with my photographs. The better I get the higher my expectations. I'm not satisfied until I get "the shot" and there are days that doesn't happen.

I just realized today that all of my photos this week have her in them. I try to switch it up sometimes, and I did take some other photos but these were my favorites.
One photo I took this week I LOVED, she's laughing and scrunching her face all up. It's a candid. I didn't edit it or anything because I just love the snapshot in it's raw form capturing her and her sweet personality. I would have used it as a 365 but I loved another photo I captured on day 95 more for the purpose of her book. Here's day 95 runner up :)

Ralph Lauren Polo dress via Ross
And here are the rest of them this week. My favorite is probably day 99 or day 97. She just looked so cute! Snoop also reemerged in photos this week. I need to take more photos of them together. I take quite a bit but most are on my phone (as the one this week was). They really love each other. And as you'll see in another photo this week, she's fearless around animals.

Day 100 is Sunday and I am feeling so much pressure to make it good but I have no idea what I'll do!

 There's another etsy find and giveaway of the week at the end of this post! Thanks again for letting me share these with you!
Spring Flower Party Dress from Monkey and Friends Etsy
Flower Peasant Dress from Monkey and Friends
Bunny hat from Mary Sue

Sporty Tam Tam Twozie and Capris from Agoo
Ralph Lauren Polo dress via Ross
Gap Pear Dress: Ebay find

Everyone who comments on this post and tells me what they like from Amy's Buttons and Bows before next Monday the 18th will be entered to win a ruffle bloomers and hair bow set. You can comment again if you "like" her on facebook for an extra entry and get an extra entry for every friend you refer to like her page as well. This is a $34 value. Amy will use to draw the winner on the 19th. Good luck!

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