Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mini Mod #9: My Baby Loves Fashion {and Lollipop Moon Giveaway)

One thing I love about my daughter--Ok, I love everything about my daughter, but one thing I really love is the fact that she will wear and love just about anything I put her in--With the exception of some hats. But that's ok because I'm not a huge hat fan either. I have my days, and so does she. Other than that, she will prance around in cowgirl boots, tutus, giant headbands, what have you, and not bat an eye.

Not only that, she'll bring them back to be when I take them off. And now, when I grab a bow and hold it toward her to see if it will match her outfit, she reaches to her head as if to say "hey mom, it goes up here!"

That's my girl!

Welcome  to Mini Mod! My weekly linky where you show off  up your stylish kiddo!
Strangers always say things to me like "Oh, enjoy it now, soon enough she'll be pulling those bows out" or "My daughter used to wear bows, I miss those days." I'm not sure how old their kids were or if they know how old my daughter is but if she doesn't want to wear something, she lets me know already. There's no protest on her behalf.

Others ask me how in the world she manages to keep them in. "Why doesn't she pull them out?" they ask. I have no explanation--Except perhaps, the fact that she's had something on her head or in her full head of hair since moments after birth.
That's my girl!

If she grows up and turns into a tomboy, so be it. We'll just have to make sure she's a fashionable tomboy. But for now, I'm glad when I put her in something as pink and frilly as this, she can look back at me and give me this face.

What she's wearing:
Baby Love Pettiskirt and Onesie: New at Lollipop Moon
Pink Clippie: Crafted by Mommy

Want it?
Lollipop Moon is one of my favorite online boutiques. They carry all sorts of adorable baby lines including Lollipop Moon, MudPie and One Posh Kid. I'm already scoping out their holiday sales for Lil' J's Christmas wardrbobe. They were one of the first boutiques to do a promotion with me and the continue to be so sweet to my readers and I. The owner is once again offering a $25 gift card to one of you.

To enter use the giveaway form below. Don't worry, giveaways won't be taking my blog over, I'll be doing a select few. And I'm not going to offer a million different ways to enter. This is a new fun way I hope to administer giveaways going forward, to make it easier and more fair for everyone.

I'm bringing some giveaways back to my blog (but not becoming a "giveaway blog"). If you have an item you think fits the concept of my blog you'd like to have considered for a review or giveaway please email me.

Can't wait to blog hop and see what you share this week. Link up above!

Mini Mod
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