Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to put out a fire: He says/ She says

A fire breaks out on the stove while I'm attempting to cook dinner.

He says: "Throw water on it!"
She says: "On an electric stove? HA! No, grab the flour!"
He says: "Flour? That will make it worse!"
She says: "No, trust me, I did this when I caught the oven on fire."
*He throws a handful on the flame*
Flame: *Gets bigger*
He says: "Told you! That made it worse!"
She says: "No, you need to throw MORE to smother the fire!"
He says: "I'm not throwing more on, it'll blow up the house."
*He grabs the fire extinguisher*
He says: "How do you use this thing?"
Flame: *Dies down and burns out without drastic measures*
She says: "Told you the flour works!
He says: "No. Don't throw flour on a fire."

Google says: "Flour is combustible."


Don't tell him he was right.

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