Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy No- Sew Baby Leg Warmer Tutorial and the Cutest Thing I've Ever Made: What I'm Makin' Monday

What am I makin' this Monday? Only the cutest thing I've ever made... Minus my daughter herself.
Thursday night I was up until some crazy hour finishing on last Halloween dress for Lil' J to wear to school Friday. I purposely have been making ONLY seasonal clothes for her because that way I'm on a deadline to finish them all before the holiday is over. It forces me to use the fabric, and learn faster.

This is a reverse-knot dress. I got this pattern from Designs by Elli Ette Boutique. I added the sash myself by just sewing the right side ends together of 4in wide and 52in long fabric (hot dog style). Then flip it inside out and sew the ends.
Easy peasy!

But not as easy as these leg warmers she's wearing. I did an easy tutorial for them before she was born that was pretty easy but these were even easier.

I made her dress the night before right? Well, that next morning as we were leaving for work I realized it was sooo cold out! So I ran up to her sock drawer and pulled out some knee-high Halloween socks I had on standby. They are women's knee-high socks. There was a black pair and a striped pair so I grabbed one of each. I'm into mismatched leggings right now.
I ran downstairs and turned them in to leg warmers in 5 seconds... All you need are knee-high socks and scissors (preferably fabric scissors, but whatever).

Step 1: Cut the feet section off your socks.

TADA! You're done!

I put them on her with the top part of the socks that has the elastic stretch towards her thigh, and the ends are just loose. You can fold them up and pin them from the inside with a safety pin if you want or just do what I did and leave it unfinished. You can't really tell, since it's knit fabric it doesn't fray, and they are way cute and fast! Of course if you have more time check out my other tutorial for a slightly nicer way to finish them off.

It makes or a cute outfit spicer upper.

We went to the store with her dressed like this after work and school and at least 10 people commented on her outfit or "costume" as some called it. When some asked me what she was I said "a pretty witch" ... Whatever. I made the coordinating small bow that's in some of the photos. The fancy hat she's wearing in the others is by London Blue Designs and her shoes are from Cambria Laine.

I also made her Lamb Halloween Costume and I'll try to post a tutorial for that next week, unless it's lame that it's after Halloween. If so I'll just post a photo when I get a good one.

I hope you're enjoying my more frequent Makin' Monday posts. I'm trying to be more crafty and share what I'm making. Many of you have shared your new sewing talents with me posting pictures on my facebook page and emailing me, I'm loving it!It's great finding new ideas to try, testing them out, and sharing the ease of it all. I think is blog is motivating me to be crafty. Yall's positive reinforcement really helps. So THANKS!

Seriously, if I can do this stuff, you can too! I'm hoping to make a really easy dress tutorial soon if I can figure out how to make it myself. I'm also pinning sewing ideas like crazy on pinterest, so if you want to follow me there, my board to watch for is "SEW Making This"

Did you make anything this week?

I'd love to see! Link up! Grab a button to share if you want too!

What I'm Making Monday

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