Monday, April 11, 2011

Dried Baby (and Daddy) Snacks: What I'm Makin' Monday

I didn't get a chance to finish my fun crafts this week so I'm sharing some dried snacks I made.
I had some bananas that were turning brown, some apples we needed to eat, and strawberries I wanted to try dried.

Apparently drying fruit is a great way to keep the good vitamins in food, and it's a less-messy snack. So I dusted off my old dehydrator (literally, as you'll see from this photo it needed a little TLC!) I bought as a wedding gift with gift cards but hadn't used in years.
I didn't even remember how much these things are but I just looked it up and they're like $50 on Amazon. Worth it if you like to make your own dried fruit, veggies, jerky, or fruit roll ups!

I sliced all the fruit into small pieces. I peeled some of the apples, but not all, just to see which way I liked it more.
Then I placed them all on the dehydrator trays and set it to about 135 degrees, and left it overnight (about 7-8 hours).
My husband turned it off in the morning and helped himself to some bananas. It was fun and easy to make and Lil' J loved it all too.
(We had just woken up and gone downstairs to go try some for breakfast so don't judge her non-prissy state).

The only thing that kinda sucks about it is that even though I fill up all of the trays with fruit, the yield is so small after it's all dried.
My husband wants me to make a huge batch of bananas soon, so I may try again and see if I can stack the fruit on top of one another.

What did you make this week? Link up!

What I'm Making Monday

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