Monday, June 6, 2011

One more month as a baby

Dear Daughter,

I can not believe that in less than a month you will be one. I can't believe it. I really can't. In fact, yesterday I was looking to sign us up for a class and it asked for your age group and naturally I chose the "0-6 months" group. I can't believe you are 11 months old. Did I mention I can't believe it?
Boots from Ebay; Owl hat from Mary Sue
You are becoming my new best friend. I know it may seem weird because you are so small, but you're my little buddy. I love bringing you around with me, and showing you off. And I love finding activities we can do together.
What we do the most is take pictures. After I get home from work and feed you, it's like you know it's time to go outside and take pictures. You're not as content inside. You are the best little model and I love showing off the outfits I get for you to family and friends on facebook. In no time you may be picked up by Baby Gap. Who knows.
Dress from Lollipop Moon; bow from London Blue Designs
As far as firsts and developments go, you are starting to speak more. You're like me in that you love to yap away. You can say "dog" which is more like "doh" but sometimes you say "doggie." You also say "Ka ka" when you see a "kitty cat." You are picking up more sign language now so I'm trying to teach you things like "berry" "more" "light" and other things, but mostly you say "milk." If I ever say the word you start signing it. I think it's your favorite word.

You aren't walking yet but you walk along furniture, and you're getting brave and letting go sometimes to test your balance. I've been selfish in not wanting you to walk because I want you to stay my little baby, but at least pictures will be even more fun once you start walking... Unless you start running away from me, which you probably will. You laugh and laugh when you stand up for a few seconds. You know you're growing up and achieving new things.
Tutu from La Bella Creations; Leg warmers from Happy Crawlers; Bow from Chloe and Maude
You have four teeth and more coming in. You love water. I mean LOVE water. We went swimming for the first time this month several times and you never want to get out of the pool. Fittingly, we're having a pool party for your first birthday in a few weeks. I know you'll be so happy to be in the water.

Another thing you love are books. You bring them to me when you want me to read to you, and you'll sit content while I read aloud. Book are definitely still your favorite toy. I'm glad and I hope you keep this hobby and enjoy reading as you grow up.

You love to eat but you are beginning to show interest in certain things. I feel like a horrible mother for letting you consume things like goldfish and pizza crust, but it happens. You love chicken, ham, and your favorite food is berries. I let you try eggs for the first time yesterday and you got sick. I was so sad. You threw up all over me a bunch. But you weren't upset at all, which was good.
Glasses from Clairs; Bow and tutu from London Blue Designs
One thing you're starting to show is a crazy mood swing. I think you get it from your daddy. You will make this crazy growling noise (you've always made one but this is a deeper noise) you sound like you're trying to poop and you arch your back. Your daddy and I were so worried thinking you were sick. I handed you a berry to see if you'd stop and sure enough you did. So it's confirmed. You are pretty much a drama queen. You must get it from your dad. It makes me a little scared to find out what's ahead.

It's fun watching you grow and see you try new things and develop a personality. I like seeing me and your daddy in the things you do, and I can't wait to see what's next.

Eleven months down. I wish we could wrap this up and start all over because these have been the best, and most exciting 11 months of my life. I had no idea having a child could be this fun. People make it sound so scary and hard. While it can be exhausting at times, it's better than I ever could have imagined it being. Now as I sit and watch you I wonder when I can start over and you can have a younger sibling to play with, but I also don't want to rush, and just enjoy this one on one time we get. I stress about the spacing of you and your sibling(s) but keep reminding myself not to worry about it. At least I have you, and everything is going to work out. We are lucky to have each other. And no matter how big you get, in the words of Mariah Carey, you will always be my baby.

I love you,


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