Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sam + Mercedes = Samades and I LOVE IT!

I'm a GLEEk. Did you know that?

I don't generally blog about TV shows but the very last scene (or was it second to last) in GLEE this season had be so giddy. Did you watch? I can't be the only one of us who watches this show. If you don't you should.

I got the first season on DVD for Mother's Day and I've been catching up on the ones I've missed. 
Anyway, this whole season I was watching and thinking "I wish Mercedes had someone" I mean Kurt has Blaine, Brittany has Artie and Santana, Rachel has a couple of dudes, and Quinn seems to get whoever she wants, except for Fin there at the end, but anyway... I felt for Mercedes, because that's how I felt in school. Like the unwanted girl. More specifically, the unwanted black girl surrounded by white people.

Most of my friends were white, and I sorta felt like I had to "choose sides" at times. I wasn't "black enough" for the black guys and obviously wasn't white enough for the white guys. Very frustrating. This could take up a whole 'nother post but I won't go into that right now. I'm not feeling eloquent enough at the moment to put it all in words. So anyway... I was suspicious when they walked into the coffee shop together.

"Do you think they hooked up?" I asked my husband. He sat rolling his eyes as he always does when I make him watch this show with me. I know he likes it, he's just pretending he doesn't. "Well, do ya??" I pushed him.

He didn't respond. Probably because he didn't want to guess wrong.

But when Sam grabbed Mercedes' hand I screamed "I KNEW IT!!" And got really giddy!
I'm probably a dork for being so excited about an interracial relationship building on TV but really. How often do you see black girls having white boyfriends or husbands on TV? I can only think of the movie "Guess Who" at the moment and that was a movie totally about that subject. And there are lots of movies with black guys and white girls. Oh wait, and then there was Zack Morris and Lisa Turtle who hooked up for a hot second on Saved by the Bell.
Oh, and my husband just reminded me that there was also Shawn and Angela on Boy Meets World. I used to love that show. How could I forget? Ok, so maybe there have been couples like this in the past, but not that I've seen recently.
Glee has hit on gay couples, lesbian couples, a big girl with a little guy, and finally, an interracial couple. I REALLY hope they build on this next season and don't just turn it into some summer thing. I'm excited to see where it goes. I mean really. It's about time.

And for the sake of TV talk since I never really blog about this, here's a list of shows I watch currently on DVR after Miss J is asleep:
The Bachelorette
Sister Wives

On summer break or over :(
Big Love
Shark Tank 
Chicago Code
Big Bang Theory
Say Yes to the Dress
16 and Pregnant (my vice, please make it stop)

Know of any other good shows? Do I have any GLEEk readers????!



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