Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby #2?: He says/ She says

All of a sudden I'm baby crazy. There's no question, I'm ready for another.

I haven't been able to hide my excitement. I've been telling my friends, my mom, sister-in-law, and now my mom-in-law. Hi mom! ... Don't tell your son I'm writing this.

Lil' J is almost two and I really REALLY want my children to be less than three years apart if I can help it.
I've been containing my realization from my husband for a few weeks, I wanted him to finish his finals and feel de-stressed before dropping the bomb on him.

Well, as of last week... Bomb dropped.

I mentioned he third bedroom in our new place we're moving into next month as a second nursery and that was a bad idea. I switched gears and avoided shattering his dreams of a man-cave.
It went something like this the first few times:

She says: "Don't you want another?"
He says: "Another what?"
She says: ...

Second try

She says: "Now that you've got all this training out of the way we should have another baby, it's perfect timing."
He says: "I thought we were going to wait another year or two?"
She says: "No way, I want them closer in age than that."
He says: "I don't want to talk about this right now."

Next try

He says: "[Our daughter] is crazy."
She says: "It's cause she's spoiled, she needs a younger sibling."

Yet another subtle hint

She says to Lil' J: "Don't you want a little brother or sister?"
Lil' J says: "Yea."
He says: [Laughs] "She says yes to everything." (Directed to Lil' J): "Do you want us to wait a couple year?"
She says: "SAY NO, SAY NO!"
Lil' J says: "Noooo."

And again the next night

Lil J says: "Kiss"
He says: "What did she say?"
She says: "She said kids, awww, you want a baby brother?"
Lil' J says: "Yea. Baby"

Then finally getting serious

She says: "Really, what are you waiting for."
He says: (Nothing that really makes sense).
She says: "Let's think about the best and worse case scenario... Everything is going to work out."
He says: "The absolute soonest would be three to four months from now."
She says: "Ok... I can live with that."

A few minutes later...

She says: "What if a month from now you are feeling great and confidant, then will you change your mind?"
He says: "Maybe. I'll tell you what, if I do, I'll let you now."

I know that won't happen so some friendly check-ins and frequent reminders will still be in place. After all he went from two years to three months in a matter of days. This was way better than the convincing it took the first time around. He'll be on my timeline in no time.

I'm not ashamed of my persistence. Some people just need a little encouragement. Besides, who can say they don't want another kid as cute and fun as the first?

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