Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY Anne Geddes-Style Flower Hat Photo Prop: What I'm Makin' Monday

I've been pondering how I could unleash my inner Anne Geddes and spruce up my 365 Photos (I didn't give up, I just haven't uploaded last week's yet. Maybe tomorrow.) a little from time to time. I've been admiring her photos of little babies dressed up as animals, fruits, veggies, and flowers since I got her recent book.

Lace Ruffle Pettiromper from BNB Boutique; Flower Hat, Homemade!
One of her signatures is little babies with little flower heads in flower pots. See what I mean? But where do you find those flower hats? I found some on etsy and from photo prop stores, but the cheapest one I could find was still $35 plus shipping.

Hmm, I bet I could make one of these on my own. I thought.

I wasn't sure when I'd tackle this project, it's just another one of those craft things I put in the back of my mind and complete who knows when.

But lo and behold, when I went shopping for an American Flag at the dollar store I saw pretty flowers and decided I'd make one with supplies from the Dollar Tree.

Here's how I did it with NO instructions. Just winged it and hoped for the best.

Flowers (I bought 6 Dollar Tree Bouquets) $6
Baby beanie $1
Hot glue gun (already own)

Step 1:
Pull the flowers off the stems. This isn't hard as they aren't glued, just tug a little and POP! They're off!

Step 2: 
Cut the beanie down to the size you want. Note: If you cut the elastic/scrunchy part off it may not stay as well. This hat was too big, so I cut a bit off the bottom.

Step 3: 
Starting at the center top, glue a flower to the hat. Glue more flowers around that one.

Step 4:
Repeat until the hat is covered.

Step 5: 
Make sure all of the hat is covered, and the glue has dried. Find a cute baby to model it in a flower pot and TADA!!
An Anne Geddes style hat for $7!
You're welcome! Have you made anything over the past few weeks? Link up! It can be a recipe, a picture, a craft, anything! I'll be sure to stop by and feature one in next week's (or whenever the next Makin' Monday post is) Makin' Monday!

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